Marlborough District Brass Band

Conductor: Kevin Moseley

First Class Brass is the learner group for the Marlborough District Brass Band. The aim of the band is to provide an environment in which very young players learn the practical aspect of having to reherse and perform in a bigger group.

Learning to watch the conductor and listen to everything going on around you is a challenge especially for very young players. The band works up a program each school term at which point they play out at the tempo concert. This is a concert designed specifically for young learner groups.

The band all so does a small end of term concert for all the parents and senior band members. First class brass also gets asked to play at some community functions such as Mistletoe market. These playouts are accepted depending on the availability of the performers.

The membership of FIRST CLASS BRASS is primarily very young students but all learners of any age are welcome and many of the senior band members come along to help.

To make contact with the band regarding lessons or First Class Brass you can contact Kevin Moseley on 0211738784 or 03-5785660